Shower Cleaning & Restoration

Shower Cleaning Services

Marble shower with soapHave you begun to notice mold, mildew or mineral deposits building on your shower walls and flooring? It doesn’t take much for a clean shower to begin to form these issues. When cracks form in the caulking and water is absorbed through unsealed grout, water is allowed to move into the substrate of your shower, causing mildewed to from on the inside, making it nearly impossible to remove. Soap scum, or mineral deposits begin to grow where the moisture is evaporating from, appearing as the off-white raised coating so many homeowners are familiar with. Build up of hard water, soap scum and residue on natural stone tile and glass surfaces are almost impossible to remove effectively without professional intervention. Unfortunately we find, more often than not, that showers have not been sealed before, or in such a long time that moisture is easily seeping into crevices and through the grout, allowing organic matter to feed the mildew.

Orlando Stone Works is well equipped to remedy this issues. With a thorough deep professional cleaning, repaired or replaced caulking, grout sealing, and proper maintenance, a shower can quickly become issue free. We always suggest to our clients to invest in a good quality squeegee. This simple act can help eliminate a large part of the issue by removing the water from the walls and doors and bringing the excess moisture down to the drain, instead of remaining on the tile and grout lines. Proper air circulation is also important to dehumidify the area and avoid mold after a relaxing hot shower.

Thorough Inspection

Our technician will begin with a thorough inspection of your shower, making note of any “flex” or movement in the walls, indicating a wet green-board. They will look closely for missing grout and cracks in the walls, doors, flooring and entrance areas were cracks are often located and allowing water to get behind the tile to the green-board. After inspection, we will go over our findings with you and offer our best course of action to restore and repair any issues.

Shower Cleaning

Shower being Polished

Orlando Stone Works applies the safest detergents for the health of our service technicians,our customers and for their type of stone. Since most shower cleaning products sold in retail stores can be dangerous to your health they can also damage the surface of the tile especially natural stone tiles such as marble, travertine, limestone and slate. They will dissolve away the surface and etch the stone. Our cleaning detergents are specially formulated for all natural stone tiles and contain no harsh chemicals or smells.

We will begin by scrubbing all shower surfaces and grout lines with our sanitizing detergent to loosen embedded shower deposits. Then we will employ an adjustable hi-pressure steam spray, within a vacuum recovery system mounted to our truck, to capture and remove soap scum, residue, detergent, and steam. A small tool that delivers big results!

Shower Polishing

We always recommend a polishing the shower after cleaning. Orlando Stone Works uses polishing compounds which are softer than the tile surface yet harder than the residue that can build up on the shower tile surfaces as well as the frame and any ledges. We use a hand polishing tool that is controlled by machine pressure and speed. Our technicians will deliver outstanding results and leave your shower feeling and looking clean and healthy once again.

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A List of Our Professional Services Include:

  • Cleaning
  • Sealing
  • Polishing
  • Grinding (Lippage Removal)
  • Refinishing/ Honing/ Resurfacing (Surface Scratches and Etch Removal)
  • Restoration
  • Hole and Crack Repair
  • Etch and Stain removal