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Commercial Pavers Service

Street of Paver StonesHas your commercial pavers, brick, stone or concrete surface become discolored, stained, broken or covered in mildew & algae? Over time, their once beautiful & rich color can be overtaken by sun bleaching, calcium deposits, build up, stains and broken down by daily wear & tear from traffic and the elements. Orlando Stone Works is well trained in commercial paver maintenance and cleaning. We have the professional equipment required to restore your commercial pavers to their original appearance.

Interlocking brick and concrete pavers are becoming very popular in both residential and commercial applications for driveways, walkways, patios, pools and more. Hotels, retails centers and even public streets and pedestrian walkways are finding the beauty and ease of maintenance of pavers appealing. Though the initial installation cost is usually great, it pays for itself over the life of the paver because of the ease in repair and maintenance costs. If pavers break or chip, you can easily remove the affected pieces and either repair or replace them instead of the entire surface like with more traditional options. This in itself can save you a significant amount of time and money.

With professional commercial paver cleaning services, we come to your location and assess the areas of concern. Our outstanding technicians will perform only the neccessary services required for your particular situation and level of staining and degredation. Most common services begin with a thorough cleaning, re-sand any areas requiring this step and then finish with a penetrating sealer to protect the pavers from wear, staining, and the elements.

Paver Cleaning

With years of dirt, calcium deposits (aka efflorescence)algae and moss, even automobile fluids building up on your pavers, we get to work to remove all of these contaminants to regain a clean slate. This is a critical step in restoring the natural beauty of the pave stones.

Paver Re-Sandinguneven commercial pavers

The next step usually required is re-sanding the grout lines between the pavers to protect the stability of the paved area from insects, weeds and water. As the sand settles under and between the pavers from everyday use and washed away by rain, this allows for small spaces to form, ideal for insects and weeds to creep their way underneath or between the stones, affecting the strength and durability of the driveway, walkways, pool decks or any other paved areas.

Paver Sealing

This final step will ensure your pavers will look their absolute best and will fight off fading, dirt, debris, staining and vegetation growth while also maximizing it’s natural beauty and depth of color. From a natural look to a super wet appearance, with professional sealants applied, your commercial pavers will look breathtaking and enhance your business’s “curb appeal”.

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A List of Our Professional Services Include:

  • Cleaning
  • Re-Sanding
  • Sealing
  • Restoration
  • Hole and Crack Repair
  • Etch and Stain removal