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 How To Clean Travertine Tile Floor?

The first and most important rule to properly maintain a polished stone floor is to keep it as clean as possible all the time. Vacuum it at least once a day and mop it at least once a week. On top of that, there are a few topical finishes (really few and far between, as a matter of fact) that could be applied on a polished stone floor, but they would require weekly maintenance with the help of a residential floor buffer.
Travertine — like all calcite-based stones — is very sensitive to pH active cleaning agents, therefore you do need specialty products. Acidic cleaners will etch and remove the polished surfaces from alkaline stones like travertine,
Travertine contains lots of holes that were formed from sulphur bubbles eating away at the stone. These holes are often filled with synthetic resins or cements that usually do not polish very well which often causes polished travertine to look inconsistent in appearance. It requires more maintenance when the holes are not filled (called cross cut). Classified as a limestone and a marble, some Travertines can be polished and others cannot. Travertine must be protected with Stone Spray-N-Seal and cleaned with Marbalex.
The steps to clean travertine floor tile are:

1. Dust mop the floor using a non-treated dust mop or backpack vacuum with a glider on it.
2. To clean the floor, use a clean mop and bucket or a microfiber flat mop, which is best. Use a neutral cleaner or stone soap (available from a stone dealer). Do not use too much cleaner or you will have steaks.
3. After wet mopping follow up with a dry mop, which will take care of any possible streaks.

Do’s and Don’ts for cleaning stone floors:

* DO dust mop stone floors frequently
* DO clean stone floors with a neutral pH cleaner or stone soap
* DO thoroughly rinse and dry the floor after mopping
* DO blot up spills immediately
* DO protect stone floors with non-slip mats or area rugs

* DON’T use vinegar or others acid cleaners on stone floors
* DON’T use cleaners like bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, or tub & tile cleaners (they may contain acid)
* DON’T use abrasive cleaners

How Do I Make All Purpose Cleaner With Vinegar And Water?
I’Ve Read 4 Parts Water To 1 Part Vinegar And I’Ve Also Read Equal Parts Vinegar And Water. Does Anyone Have Any Experience Using Either? I Want To Use It On Countertops, Stove Top, Etc.

You can use it neat on countertops, bathroom tiles etc. there is no problem there. Just dilute if the counter top is black granite and then a 1 part water 2 parts vinegar is fine. You can use it neat to strip the grease from pans and saucepans. You can add 2 cups to your wash of blankets, sheets and towels for a soft fluffy result instead of softener. You can add 1 cup to your wash load for ordinary clothes and it will leave them static free (great for synthetics and nylons). You can use it in a spray bottle half and half mixture for glass and shower screens to leave them gleaming and a 1/4 cup to your final rinse in the dishwasher or washing up water to leave crystal and glassware sparkling clean then leave them to dry. To get coffee and tea stains out of cups scrub with a scourer sponge and equal parts salt and vinegar following with a warm rinse of water. To remove built up soap scum in your dishwasher pour 1 cup undiluted white vinegar into the bottom of the unit or leave in a bowl on the top rack and run on a full cycle without dishes in it. Do this once a month to clean out hard water build up etc. and leave it bacteria free.

Ice cube tray equal parts of vinegar and water and then once a week drop in a couple of ice cubes down your drain to sanitise and make it smell good. Disinfect chopping boards with full strength vinegar. You can add bicarb sode if it is a wooden board and spray the vinegar over the top for it to foam and bubble for 10 minutes then rinse with cold water.

You can remove white rings on wooden furniture with equal parts olive oil and vinegar and apply with a soft cloth in the direction of the wood grain. Use another clean soft cloth to shine up. You can get marks off leather or vinyl by dabbing them with a sponge soaked in full strength vinegar. Restore leather couches to their former glory by using equal parts vinegar and boiled linseed oil in a spray bottle. Shake and spray. Spread evenly over couch with soft clean cloth then leave a couple of minutes to soak in and rub off with a clean new cloth.

Clean out your fridge with equal parts vinegar and water. To prevent mildew build up use neat vinegar (undiluted) on a cloth. Leave a box of bicarb soda in your fridge to absorb smells.

NEVER USE VINEGAR OR LEMON on marble surfaces of any kind as it can dull the protective coating and possibly damage the stone. This goes for travertine and limestone. The best product for these surfaces is Lustro Italiano Marble and Stone Cleaner Kit available from Ciciliot & Sons.

Clean your carpets with vinegar. Restore worn rugs by brushing with a clean broom dipped in a 1/4 vinegar/water solution. Your faded threads will fluff up and look brighter and you dont even need to rinse. Rub light carpet stains with a mix of 2 tablespoons salt and 1/2 cup vinegar, let dry and then vacuum. For dark or big stains add 2 tablespoons boracic acid (borax) to that mixture and apply in the same method.

Remove sticker glue and bumper stickers by saturating the top of the sticker with neat vinegar and use an expired credit card to scrape it off. Use more full strength vinegar to remove the sticky substance under the sticker.

Clean chrome and stainless steel by spraying undiluted vinegar with a fine mist froma spray bottle and buff with soft clean cloth. Shine your silverware and jewellery by soaking in a mixtrure of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 TBLSPOONS bicarb soda for 2-3 hours. Rinse under cold water and dry with soft cloth. Sparkling like new. Polish brass and copper making a paste of equal parts white vinegar and salt and bicarbonate of soda (wait for fizzing to stop before using) then using a clean soft cloth or paper towel rub the paste into the item until tarnish is gone. Rinse in cool water and polish dry with new clean cloth or paper towel.

Wipe away mildew with white vinegar (neat). It can be applied to almost any surface except stone.

Leave neat vinegar in small bowls all all the house if you have a smoker. It gets rid of the stench within a couple of days.

USE PLAIN DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR. It is cheap and kind to the environment.

We Just Bought A House Where The Previous Owner Installed Travertine In The Shower Stall And Bathroom Floor.?
It Is Full Of Large Pores! Was It Correctly Installed? Shouldnt It Be Sealed With Something? Also – What Do I Clean It With On A Daily Basis? Will It Mold? There Are Some Paint Stains On The Flooring Behind The Toilet – How Can I Remove These?

Travertine is a very porous, soft material, at least compared to other tiles, like ceramic. Usually the manufacturers of travertine fill the surface don’t know what the filler is, but it is only for surface you see. So the installer should not only spread mortar on the floor, but also back butter the tile, so there is full contact.

I can’t tell you about the tile being filled. It may be an inferior product, but the installer shouldn’t have to use any fillers. It should be sealed however. It is really easy, get a bottle to mist the tile. Let it sit. Other than that, just sweep and mop for maintenance. Check with the sealer product, it will suggest how often you need to reseal. And if sealed and cleaned in a properly ventilated bathroom, it shouldn’t mold, but that would be the same as any other flooring.

The paint stains are more difficult. It makes me think it wasn’t sealed properly. As I said, it is porous, and will absorb stains, thus the need to seal. If you can’t get the stain up will normal methods of soap, water and elbow grease, then it is probably absorbed into the tile. You can use some very fine, 300 grit or finer, wet sandpaper to see if it is absorbed deeply. I’d try it in a very hidden spot. Then you can make the judgment call if it is worth replacing. It the paint is deeply absorbed it won’t come out, sorry, and will need to replace it or live with it.

Even if you think it has been sealed, I’d seal it again. That way you know the time it should be resealed, instead of guessing. It doesn’t cost much and doesn’t take a long time.

How Do You Clean Mold From Grout In Marble/Travertine Shower?
We Have A Shower (1.5 Yrs Old) Tiled With Travertine Stone And Marble. We Were Told To Clean With Just Shampoo Or Dish Soap, But Are Having Problems With Mold Growth In The Corners. Looking For A Safe Cleaner.

Mild bleach water will kill the mold, there are also cleaners sold by Walmart, but it will come back, because of the moisture staying behind, I think your grout sealer has failed and water is soaking in and through th grout. reapply the sealer and see if your problem stays away.

Travertine Tile?
I Have Travertine Tile In My Bathroom That Apparently Wasn’T Sealed Properly. Now It Has Water Stains That Are Visible When Viewed From An Angle. It’S Ugly And I Can’T Get Rid Of Them. Any Suggestions?

Does the tile feel a little rough where you see the stains? The tile may have been etched by acid like effect of low-pH water (like acid rain does) or from the use of alkaline or acidic cleaners and soap scum removers. Most of the popular cleaners will break down the sealer layer and damage stone tile surfaces.

Ideally one should use a non-abrasive, pH-neutral cleaner that is specially formulated for natural stone materials.

There is a chance that you could use a polishing powder or compound like MB-11, which you can find out more about at the websites listed below. However, there is also a big chance that you will do more damage to the tile.

It might be worth trying to remove the stains/etching in some inconspicuous area on the floor before you use it right out in the middle where damage will be easily seen. If that doesn’t work then it may be time to call in a flooring restoration specialist to do the job.

How Can I Clean Grout Off Travertine Tile That Was Not Cleaned Properly
I Installed Travertine Tile In My Shower And Was Starting To Grout When I Was Called Away Before I Was Able To Finish Cleaning It Fully.How Can I Clean The Grout Off The Tile?

I don’t know about travertine specifically. But, I’ve used brillo pads to clean off excess grout from ceramic tiles (it was recommended to me by a professional tile installer). Get a pad that is rated as “fine” or “very fine,” wet it down, and then scrub away until all the extra grout is gone (they also make grout scrappers if you have big chunks that need to come off).

Note: I recommend trying it in an inconspicuous location first to make sure the travertine doesn’t scratch easily.

Sealed Travertine Shower Stall, Need Advice For General Cleaning And How To Remove/Prevent Watermarks.?
I Have A Sealed Travertine Shower Stall, 6 Weeks Old. Was Advised To Just Use A Squeegy To Clean It But Water Still Stand On The Floor In Droplets And Now There Are Watermarks. Any Suggestions As To How To Remove Them, And How To Clean On A Daily Basis – Just Water Doesn’T Strike Me As Being Adequate Anyway!

I would cover it with a wax based floor sealent. And clean with a natural shower cleaner.

How Can I Clean Tile And Grout Myself?
Other Than Going On My Hands And Knees With A Brush And Scrubbing The Floor…What Is The Cheapest Way To Do It Myself?. I Have Travertine 18X18 Tile Floor, It Was Installed About 10 Yrs Ago And The Tile Is Pretty Clean Because I Mop It Regularly But The Grout Is Black!. It Used To Be Ivory White Matching The Color Of The Stone. Mopping It Doesn’T Work. I Tried Doing It With A Little Brush And It Works But I Have A Lot Of Floor To Clean! A Contractor Wants $700 To Clean It With A Special Machine. I Tried Looking It Up At The Home Depot To See If They Have That Machine For Rent But Can’T Find It (I Will Go Ask This Weekend).
Another Question…Once I Get It Clean, What Should I Seal It With To Help Mantaining It Clean?.

Last Night I Saw Ad Advertisement For A Grout Cleaner…Something “Enzimatic” Sold At Home Depot. It Claimed That It Removes Dirt And Keep Working After The Grout Is Clean Keeping The Dirt Away. Is That True…It Sounds Like To Good To Be True!. Please Also Advice Me On What Type Of Cleaner I Should Use To Remove The Dirt From The Grout.


A couple of things: The first time you clean tile grout, you really do want to be down on your knees with a brush and grout cleaner to get it *perfect*. After which, apply at least two coats of sealant following package directions. One (of a great many) is linked below.

Then, clean as you would any hard-surface flooring, and re-apply the sealant every year or so if it starts to stain again. There are no miraculous cleaners as no single formula can account for every kind of common stain.

Now, if the grout is well-and-truly black, try (in one small area) a mixture of two parts very hot water and one part common household bleach. Add about a tablespoon of baking soda per pint of this mixture, and wear gloves and eye protection against the bleach. If it works, the black stain is mold spore (not uncommon and not a reflection on your housekeeping). And, if it works continue with that formula across the entire floor, and after it is completely dry, seal it as above.

Good luck with it!

Can You Clean Travertine Floors With Home Steam Cleaners, Not Commercial Steam Cleaners?

A steam cleaner is a great resource for cleaning travertine floor tiles as to many people use way to much water when cleaning their travertine floors. Naturally, it is advisable to first sweep or vacuum (no beater bar) to get most of the soil and grit removed. In fact, grit is our No. 1 enemy for stone etc. as it is abrasive like sandpaper and over time will dull the luster. Good quality floor mats inside and outside each door, regularly remove the grit, use your steamer and a good quality stone cleaner will go along ways to keeping your travertine floor tiles clean and beautiful. Don’t forget to keep them properly sealed with a solvent based impregnating sealer too.
Hope this helps.

Is Tumbled Travertine Tile In A Shower Easy To Keep Clean?
We Love The Way It Looks But Are Afraid That Because It’S So Porous That It Would Be Impossible To Keep Clean & Free Of Soap Scum. Any Advice?

If properly sealed with a good penetrating sealer and proper maintenance is done, the look will out last you and I. Sealing ( at least once and then sealed again, twice after its grouted) and then grouted properly filling in any natural pits and holes cleaning will be as normal as a ceramic tile. Seal twice after being grouted to seal the grout also.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL

Is Travertine Flooring The Way To Go?
Ok, I Am Conflicted. I Found A Beautiful 18X18 Travertine Tile At Home Depot At A Great Price ($2.41 Per Sq Ft). I Was Planning On Installing In The Entry, Hall, Kitchen And Dining Room. After Reading A Bit, I Am Concerned About These Scratches, Stains, Etc That People Are Writting About. How Concerned Should I Be? If I Drop A Jar Of Pickles Or A Glass Of Water, Will That Cause Damage? Should They Be Sealed Or Not And If So, How Often? Should I Skip Travertine Altogether? Is Regular Marble A Better Choice? Please Help…I Am So Confused!

I’ve installed travertine in many different applications and as long as you seal it, keep it clean and sealed you will have no problems. Not only that, I have it in my own home and have spilled just about everything and anything on it without having permanent stains. I also have two dogs with a lot of energy that don’t harm the floor in any way. Just use a high quality sealer, like the one by TileLab, apply it with a sponge mop and do so every year or so. Take care of spills right away with a damp rag, other than that, vacuum regularly or use a duster mop. It will really add value to your home. I would choose a honed trav over marble which demands more upkeep and maintenance. Marble will cloud if alcohol based liquids are spilled on it and it will take more effort to remove it.

What Do I Use For Daily Cleaning Of A Travertine Tile Floor?

Do not use soap and warm water.While it won’t hurt the stone or the topical sealer that is most likely on it,it is very hard to get rid of the residue that soap will leave.When you wash your hands with soap look how long it takes to rinse off all the residue,same thing with your floor…Best thing to use is a ph neutral floor cleaner brand I use for myself and suggest and sell to my customers is Stone Pro Daily Clean www.stoneproonline.com

Good Luck
Superior Stone Restoration
San Diego CA

How Do I Clean & Maintain Travertine Floors?

Good question.. Because it is travertine.. it should be sealed but sealed with a good sealer and not walmart’type sealer. Travertine(which I have) has little pits in it here and there and it(they) get filled up with dirt. when you mop it or sponge it, it gets the tops clean but not those little holes so what I am going to buy this week is a (about$200) brush scrubbing machine that I can use.. it squirts water and cleaning stuff and also sucks it back up…. I tried it by hand and wow.. what a difference(brushing with /by hand)

Are Travertine Tumbled Stone Tiles Ok To Use As A Kitchen Backsplash, Or Are They Too Porous And Hard To Clean
Someone Told Me That Travertine Tumbled Stone Tiles Are Not Good To Use For A Kitchen Backsplash, Because They Are Too Porous, And Will Be Hard To Clean, Especially Above The Stove. Is That True, Or Should I Go Ahead And Install Some? I Just Love Them!

who ever told you that is crazy, i put them in $500,000 homes, kitchen showers, and floors, once you grout the (whole tile) the pores are sealed, then you put a ( gloss sealer) on them, your set for about 5 yrs, be for you got to seal them again, that kind or stone needs to be sealed when the gloss finish dissipates, you re seal it, any probs, e-mail me, for my #, i will chat with you about any thing you want to know about tile, stone, or man made products. kennedy4552@sbcglobal.net

Is Polished Travertine Floor Difficult To Maintain?
I Want Floor Tiles That Are Forgiving And Easy To Take Care Of. I Have Looked At Porcelain Tiles Which Are Easy To Take Care Of But I Am Not Sure If They Look Like Real Stone.How About Marble? Is It Worse Than Travertine From Practical Point Of View?

===travertine marble flooring tiles [TMFT] is very easy to maintain — to clean that man made tile you should only use clear water or rubbing alcohol for spots or a dirty floor —– the use of Pinesol or other cleaners leave a greasy surface and cause the TMFT to be a slick dirt magnet === do not let that discourage you away from TMFT as it is good for inside and outside on the patio —- when laying the TMFT it should not have a grout line — rather the tiles should be butted up next to each … a good tile man can float the floor smooth and prepare the under the tile grout to adhere well and look good … if you want to do this tile yourself they have “” tile laying classes at Lowe’s or the HoDepot and you should check for Saturday class times …. Further INFO …. you can cut the tile with a small 4inch grinder [[[ this is a bit trickey because you have to get a tile blade and remove the guard on this small grinder therefore it is an open blade and requires mucho respect for the relation of fingers to tile saw blade ..]]] no to say this is super-dangerous but you must teach yourself big time respect for the open blade you can buy the grinder at one of the giants or Harbor Freight Stores for about 1/2 price of a tile saw that you may or may not use again in the future.. I hope this helps you and the TMFT does look good when the job is finished …………

Has Steam Mop Damaged My Travertine Floor After Being Left In Same Spot For 20 Minutes?
Housekeeper Left Her Steam Mop Standing And Plugged In On My 1 Year Old Travertine/Heated Floor. After Removing The Mop, The Spot Under It Was Too Hot To Touch For 15 Minutes Until It Cooled. Afterwards, When Standing In The Light Just Right, I Can See The Design Of The Mop Pad As A Slightly Darker Discoloration. This Is Honed And Filled Travertine Tile, 1 Year Old And Recently Sealed By Myself For The Second Time About A Month Ago. Am I Doomed To Discoloration? Also, Do You Suppose The Element And Sensor In The Heated Floor Are Damaged? I Installed This Myself So I Know Both Element Wire And Sensor Wire Are Under The Subject Area. Thanks For Comments.

I don’t know a lot about travertine floors, but I know what it is (calcium carbonate) and that it is sensitive to any kind of acid – vinegar, juices, and so on, and any cleaning fluids have to be specifically for travertine (balanced pH).

They make special cleaners, but you may need to reseal the area when done. You can try one of those cleaners on that area and see if it helps. If not you may have to re-hone the area, or just live with the stain.

It is for this reason why I refuse to have any kind of high-maintenance surfaces in my house. Too easy to damage and then it’s a hassle to fix.

Wish you luck, and maybe you should instruct your housekeeper a little better.

Is Travertine Installed In A Shower Hard To Clean?

Travertine is porous! Unless you seal it you will be miserable with this material for a shower. It will involve maintenance/up-keep over time. Over time the crud/dirt will soak into the stone and it does not look very pretty.

How To Clean 100% All Natural Travertine Tiles?
It’S In My Bathroom Shower, And It Gets Really Moldy And Ugly Looking. Also The Deposits From The Water Leaves Calcium Streaks On The Tile. I’M Trying Not To Use Bleach Because It Discolors It. Thanks A Million!

Ok- how you clean moldy stone… first- try scrubbing with a paste made with Ajax.(not Commet- doesn’t rinse off easy) Loosen the bulk of it.

Otherwise a sprayed on bleach/cold water (50/50) solution left on for 5 minutes wont discolor the stone and will kill the mold. I’ve soaked pieces of travertine in bleach for days trying to lighten it with no luck! If it does appear to lighten it- its going back to its original color- may be lighter than you remember or realize.

After letting it sit 5 min- scrub with a stiff brush again- followed by a green scrubber.

If this was enough to get it clean-rinse walls off really well- dry with towel – wait a few hours so inside stone is dry- and put on 3 coats of good quality sealer. That’s whats missing right now.

If you really want to make over your wall- Go buy 320 or 180 grit WET sandpaper- sold in auto parts stores. Sand the whole surface of your walls using lots of soapy water and sand first in circle motion followed by single direction with a light touch. (sandpaper should glide over stone) too much pressure will cause scratches instead of sanding.

Any scratched can be finish sanded with 400 grit. Rinse while scrubbing to work wet dust out – dry and seal as I said above.

Re seal stone once a year

What Do You Clean Granite Countertops With?
I’ve Seen Granite And Marble Countertop Cleaner…What Can Happen To Them If You Don’t Use The Special Cleaner? Is This Just Another Scam To Get You To Buy Some Special Cleaner When Normal Rag And Water/Soap Will Work Just Fine?

Interesting that the cleaner you mention is sold for both granite and marble, as these materials have very different properties. Marble, for example, can be stained easily by liquids that granite would be relatively impervious to. Much depends on the degree of polishing the stone is subjected to – i.e., to a smooth gloss, or a duller matte, whether the open bubbles of travertine, say, have been filled with resin or not, and so on.

You don’t need specialized, expensive cleaners for most granite kitchen countertops. It is a dense, dimensionally stable material that absorbs nothing to speak of in everyday terms, and will wipe clean with soap and water. An inexpensive product very good for polishing is Bon-Ami, a non-abrasive, unchlorinated powdered product (ground feldspar, if I’m not mistaken).

This is excellent, too, by the way, in the bathroom, where you want to preserve the quality of glazed surfaces, preferable, in my experience, to products such as Comet.

Cleaning My Counters!?
How Do I Clean My Dark Granite Counters!? Everything I Try Just Leaves Streaks And A Film And Doesn’t Look Good At All!
I Appreciate Any Help!

So you’ve agonized over the decision to go with natural stone or solid surface and finally decided on granite for its variations and natural beauty. You’ve pondered whether to use a light or dark color, subtle variations or more noticeable ones. The granite counter tops are finally cut and installed and they are everything you hope they would be. They enhance your kitchen, making it the preparation, dining and entertaining room of your dreams. So how do you care for your new counter top?

A granite counter top is a significant investment in your home, so it is only right that you should protect and care for it in the proper manner. Granite is a beautiful stone that will last for a very long time, perhaps even a lifetime, if taken care of effectively.

After the granite counter tops are installed in your kitchen, it is very important to do several things. The first thing is to clean the granite thoroughly with a neutral ph cleanser made for stone. Your cabinet installer or contractor should be able to recommend a good brand of stone cleanser; if not, go to your local Home Depot or other home center, and they can recommend one to purchase for your granite counter tops.

When you have cleaned the installation dust and debris from your new counter tops, the next step is the most important to do before using your new counter tops. You must seal the granite. A sealer can be recommended by your contractor or picked up at the same place you get your cleanser. Sealing provides a protective barrier against surface staining and etching. Another advantage of the sealant is that it enhances your color and adds to the shine and beauty of your new counter tops. Sealing should be done at least every six months, although your contractor may suggest doing it more or less often. It is a good idea to make sure that you seal the areas in which you use a lot of water, such as by the sink, and areas where there is a lot of grease, such as by the stove, more often. The sealant is very durable, but you don’t want to take chances with natural granite counter tops that probably cost you a significant amount of money.

Another tip about granite counter top care is to clean up spills right away. You do not want to let spills sit on the granite and perhaps leave a stain. It is fairly unlikely that a stain will occur if you are using your sealer often enough, but it is still a good idea to wipe up any food or grease stains immediately.

All in all, granite counter tops are one of the easiest counter top surfaces to take care of. They only need cleaning and the occasional sealing to make them beautiful and to make them last. So take care of your counter tops and they will be an investment you are proud to have in your home, and a major selling point if you ever decide to move.


SCI Sealer for Stone
Stone Care International Stone Spray N Seal covers 150 sq feet per 8 fluid ounces. This is a spray on water based stone sealer. Stone Spray n Seal is safe for most stone surfaces, see the list here. SCI sealer for granite, limestone, concrete, marble, terrazzo, ceramic tile, slate, porcelain, brick, terra cotta, grout, and stucco. Stone sealer by Stone Care International protects from stains, scratches, and weathering of stone surfaces.

Here is a page on do’s and don’t of taking care of your countertop.

Do’s & Don’ts
The easiest way to keep your stone looking great is to avoid bad habits that may damage it. Granite, marble, travertine, limestone, soapstone, quartz and solid surface are similar in many ways, but their differences require varying degrees of maintenance. However . . .

If you utilize the granite care and cleaning procedures that follow for all your countertops . . . no matter what type of stone or surface . . . you’ll eliminate most potential problems without ever having to think too hard about it or worry that you may be causing damage.

Do: Blot up spills immediately.
Acidic substances like wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce and sodas can etch the polish or stain the surface. Cooking oils may also leave a stain if not wiped up.

Do: Clean surfaces using a sponge or soft cloth.
Preferrably use a specially formulated stone cleaner, but warm water and a basic liquid dish soap will do for quick clean-ups. However, repeated or excessive use of soap will cause build-up and dull your countertop’s shine.
Simple Green is another option (see: “Good Advice” below).

Do: Use coasters under all glasses, bottles and cans.
Will a beer bottle set on your granite for five minutes leave a ring? Not if it was sealed properly, but it would on marble.

Many common foods and drinks contain acids that may etch the polish or damage the surface. So for easy solid surface, natural stone and granite counter top maintenance, alway

How Care Travertine Floor?
Clean Sealer And Fix Holes

Travertine looks like cut coral rock which will have holes from the shell. I have 1000 sq. ft. in my home have no problem cleaning

Cleaning Grout Between Travertine?
I Have Travertine In My Shower Stall And I Am Trying To Get Rid Of What Looks Like Mold In The Grout. Any Suggestions?

What ever you don’t use Bleach on Travertine. Travertine is stone it’s porous and you will ruin it very easily. Do not use anything abrasive on it.

Mold In Travertine Shower – How To Get It Out Without Ruining The Stone?
I Have A Shower Made Of Unfinished Travertine. Over The Past Several Years, One Section (Near The Edge) Has Grayed – The Gray Is Gradually Growing. I Think Mold Has Gotten In It.

The Problem Is That All The Mold-Killing Bathroom Products Specifically State That They Are Not For Use On Unfinished Stone Like Travertine; That They Will Mar The Stone.

How Do I Get The Stone Clean And Mold Free Without Ruining It? Any Ideas?

Try using Vital Oxide- its safe on virtually any surface.

Which Would Be Less Expensive For Kitchen Counters, Travertine Tile Or Granite?
We Want To Update Our Kitchen, But Have A Very Moderate Budget. Which Would Be Less Expensive, Granite Countertops, Travertine Tile, Or Is There Something Comparable That Looks As Good? Also, We Have Just Old White Cabinets And Cannot Afford To Replace Them, Is Crackling Or Antiquing Hard To Do On Kitchen Cabinets And Which Would Look Best. My Style Is French Country Cottage Look ?

Granite tiles can cost from $5.00 per square foot to $15.00 per square foot. Travertine can start around $2.50 per square foot, so it is less expensive.
However, I would never recommend travertine for a kitchen countertop. It is simply too soft, and will scratch easily. Granite is much harder (will scratch only with very hard things such as diamonds, sand, and concrete.)

Typically granite tiles are more difficult to install than a normal tile because you lay them with a very tight grout joint, and they need to be very flat on a countertop. (Can be very tedious).

An alternative would be a porcelaine tile. It is a very hard and durable material, easier to lay, and won't need to be sealed like the granite or travertine will. Porcelains can also have v-caps or chair rails that coordinate for the front edge of your countertop. You can find good porcelains starting around $2.00 per square foot. The v-caps and chair rails can be pricy (around $10 per linier foot), but worth the finished look they give. You could also use a bullnose with a cut underneath for the face. A porcelain bullnose will probably run around $4 a linier foot.

With a granite you would need to have it polished for the edge, and do a cut for the front face. Although, you may be able to find a chair rail that would look nice with a granite.

Hope this helps!

I Have A Shower Tiled With Travertine. It Was Recently Sealed. What Is The Best Way To Clean It?

Go to the health food store or Whole foods and buy a natural cleaner, my favorite it Naturally Clean tub and tile. Nothing gets my marble shower as clean as that does.

Travertine Tile Floor Is “Sticky”, After Cleaning With A Stone Cleaner, Water And A Nylon String Mop. Help?
Cleaning With Stone Cleaner, Water And A Nylon String Mop. The Floor Is Not Sticky To Touch, But To Walk On. After Time The Stickiness Goes Away, But Floor Looks Dull. Same Result If I Steam Clean The Floor. How Do I Get Rid Of The Stickiness?

Mop with some white vinegar and water. Use about 1 cup to a bucket of warm water.

When Can You Seal Travetine Tile Floors ?
I Am Having My Floors Tiled In Travertine Tile–After The Tile Guys Are Done Setting And Grouting–How Long Till I Can Seal The Stone?

Sealing stone should be done PRIOR to setting and grouting the floor. Grouting can possible stain stone. Most need to be sealed before installation to prevent this.
If sealing the grout is what you want to do, that can be done in 72 hrs after the grouting. As long as the grout haze is all cleaned off the stone.
And I suggest only penetrating sealers since these are the best Silicone sealers you MUST wait 30 days to seal grout.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications . GL

How Do I Clean My Tumbled Travertine Tile In My Shower Without Ruining It?
It Is Just Like A Shower With A Lot Of Use, It Just Needs To Be Cleaned, So How Would I Go About Doing That On This Delicate Surface? Is Vinegar Too Strong? What If I Do Baking Soda And Vinegar?

Please Help!

vinager would be perfect for your tiles so go ahead and take the plundge.

Bathroom Countertops?
Help! We Don’t Know What To Do For Our Bathroom Countertops And Corresponding Tile For The Floors And Showers. We Like The Look Of Natural Stone And We Want Something Neutral That Everyone Will Like. If We Choose Caesarstone, What Kind Of Tile Floors Do We Use? Caesarstone Doesn’t Come In Tile….People Say Travertine And Limestone Aren’t Good To Have In The Showers Because They Are Porous. Help! We Don’t Know What To Do…Any Suggestions To Make A Beautiful Bathroom Would Be Nice. Thanks In Advance!

Use a regular ceramic tile for the floor and choose a large tile. Be sure to seal the grout and use something with a wavy surface. For your countertops, you can use a formica, marble pattern, speckle or granite. But, you must maintain granite with cleaning and sealing on a regular basis. You are right, travertine and limestone are porous, also need to be sealed. Both are beautiful. I have used all. I did not have a problem with either since I kept up regular maintenance. I did have a problem with marble and travertine in shower stalls dulling and showing hard water. Big job to correct it. I would not do it again. I will only use ceramic tiles. Even marble will absorb soap and discolor on a countertop. But, I love it and used it in low maintenance bathroom countertop. Then again I had a black marble fleck top in my kitchen and island and it held up fine.

The travertine was the worst, the limestone was in a bathroom with very little use on the floor. It is a tough choice.

Do a little more research. I am sure other's will share their experiences.

Simple Kitchen Backsplash Ideas :Tumbled Travertine Backsplash?
I Just Installed 4X4 Light Colored Tumbled Travertine On My Kitchen Backsplash. I Love The Hole And Voids In The Stone. I Have Since Read That The Holes Should Not Be Left Open In A Kithen Area Due To Things Growing In The Holes. I Have 1/8&Quot; Grout Lines And I Was Sold Sanded Grout But Have Since Read Not To Use Sanded Grout. I Have Also Read That A Latex Additive Will Stain The Grout. So, My Question Is. Sanded Grout Or Not. Latex Or Not. Your Advise Would Be Much Appreciated To Clear Up Some Of My Confusion. Thanks

Simple answer to your questions. Use a sanded grout for 2 reasons. 1 is that your joint is an 1/8 inch and the depth of you travertine is well over an 1/8th..
Fill all your voids in the tile, this so that no water and a place for bacteria to grow will be avoided.
Latex wont effect the grout when mixed well , but so many of the grouts now have either a latex or a polymer in the grout and you should NOT use a latex if the grout is already treated..
The use of a penetrating sealer is all you ll need to seal the tile before grouting. ( I do mine twice before installing), And then at least once more after 3 days after the grout haze and the travertine id completely cleaned.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there.. GL

What Do I Use To Clean My Natural Stone Shower Walls?
Sometimes Mold Starts To Grow On Shower Walls And Floor. Apparently You'Re Only Supposed To Use Certain Cleaners/Mold Preventers On Natural Stone. Does Anyone Know Which Ones? I Keep Hearing About A Line Of Cleaners Called M1, Or M9, Etc. Alot Of Documentation Says Not To Use Tilex, For Example. Does Anyone Know?

I have travertine tile in my bathroom and use a steam mop for the floor. I recently purchased a product called Stain Solver, it's available online at askthebuilder.com. I used the Stain Solver on the tiles in the bath and they look like new! Stain Solver is an oxygenating cleaner so it won't hurt the finish on the stone. There are lots of other uses for the product (laundry, deck cleaner, etc…), customer reviews are available. I recommend this product and am thankful I found it. Best wishes.

How Do I Safely Clean A Travertine Shower.?
I Just Got A Job Cleaning A New Home That Has Travertine In The Shower, I Am Afraid Of Hurting It, What Can I Use To Keep It Clean. I Have A Cleaner With Hydrogen Cloride In It Will That Be Ok?

contact a professional to clean it.

What Is The Best Type Of Cleaner To Use On Granite/Marble Countertops?
I Clean Houses For A Living And I’ve Used Many Different Types Of Granite Cleaner But No Matter What I Use, It Seems To Leave A Powdery/Grainy Type Film On It..Like After It Dries, I Run My Dry Hands Over The Countertop And It Feels Dirty! Kind Of Dusty-Like? Help!

clean you granite worktop

Things You’ll Need:

Proper care of your granite worktop and regular cleaning of your natural stone surfaces shall keep your granite counter looking fresh and bright for years to come. Everyday granite cleaning with prope

Remove everything from granite worktop. Prepare granite sealer and any stone cleaner you have.

Clean granite worktop with soap and water first. If anything doesn’t want to come off your granite counter try to srape it off with hob scraper or fine steele wool may do the job.

make sure granite worktop is clean and ready to seal. Seal your granite counter accordingly to the manufacturer’s description.


use only mild soap and water or proper granite sealers

Use gloves with silicone or solvent based granite sealers, marble cleaners.

Be extra careful when using blades to scrape off anything of your granite surface.


Marble Countertop cleaning

Clean your countertops daily with a soft cloth or paper towel and a residue free pH neutral cleaner designated safe for natural stone. Ask an expert at Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. for product questions pertaining to their safety and usage with natural stone.

If Streaking Occcurs, buff the countertop with a clean white terry cloth or paper towel if streaking occurs.

Use a Good Stone Polish Occasionally applying a good stone polish to the surface of the countertop will help prevent staining and spotting.

Don’t place hot items directly on the stone surface. Use trivets or mats under hot dishes and placemats under china, ceramics, silver or other objects that can scratch the surface.

Don’t use vinegar, lemon juice or other cleaners containing acids on marble, limestone,travertine or onyx surfaces.

Don’t use cleaners that contain acid such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners or tub & tile cleaners.

Don’t use abrasive cleaners such as dry cleansers or soft cleansers.

Don’t mix bleach and ammonia; this combination creates a toxic and lethal gas.

How Should I Clean My Tile Kitchen Floor And How Often Should I Do It?
I Have A “Swiffer Wet” But That Really Doeas Not Seem Like It Cleans…What’S Good? A Sponge Mop? A Rag Mop? They All Seem Like They Just Push Dirty Water Around

I have almost an entire house full of travertine stone floors, and I have tried EVERYTHING. So here is my breakdown for you:

rag mop–quick, does a good job if you put your back into it and rinse water and mop often. Good for the quick adequate job. Libbman (sp?) ones have heads that you throw in the washer/dryer.

hoover floormate machine–more time consuming as you have to add water and cleaner to the tank and empty the dirty water tank about once per room, does the BEST job at cleaning, you won’t believe how dirty the water is even if you use it after you rag mop. Best for deep cleaning.

Bissell Steam Mop–Quicker, only has one tank (fresh water) to use NO CHEMICALS to hurt people, animals, floors, the ozone =) the terry cloth pad secure on the bottom and are washable and pick up quite a bit of dirt, but it still doesn’t suck up all that dirty stuff up. GREAT for bathrooms as it actually kills the bacteria. Can be used as a steamer for misc. things in the house, toilets, carpet, etc.

Swiffer Wet–quick great for little projects, I keep one in my motorhome and it works great for that, however it doesn’t really suck up the dirt that much.

Sponge Mop–quick, holds too much dirty water and bacteria.

Good Luck I hope that helps!

How Do I Clean A Travertine Table?
I Bought A Travertine Limestone Coffee Table. There Are Some Dark Spots Forming Around Areas Where My Computer And Place Mat Rest. Need Some Tips. Thx


The most important thing you need to know about cleaning marble is not to use strong chemicals.

Acidic and even alkaline chemicals will etch the marble. Vinegar is acidic and bleach is alkaline, so you do not want to clean marble with either one of these cleaners.

Marble Coffee Table Neutral cleaners for natural stone are recommended and available at tile stores and if you don’t have a neatral cleaner, use warm water to clean your marble surface.

When cleaning your marble, clean with your neutral cleaning solution or warm water.

After cleaning your marble, use a dry cotton or microfiber cloth to dry the surface of the marble.

Drying the marble with the dry cotton or microfiber cloth will not only pick up the water, but any dirt still in the water.

This is a very important step that most people don’t do.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Large Natural Tile Walk In Shower?
We Just Moved Into A House With Floor To Ceiling Natural Tile In The Shower (10 Ft Ceilings). Any Advice On What Products Are Safe As Well As Something Tall To Help Reach The Walls Would Be Great.

Hi Lisa!
For the best way clean Large Natural Tile try this

My New Travertine Was “Professionally” Sealed, But It Looks Filthy And Feels Sticky.?
What Can I Do To Clean Them Without Damaging Them?

Good question! I will try to answer this to the best of my ability with the information you supplied.

First of all, being a very porous stone, it is important not only to seal the travertine, but also to maintain the travertine by sealing it again on ocassion. Honestly, though… there really isn’t a need to have it professionally sealed as it’s a simple task that’s in fact easier than cleaning! Below, I’ll tell you how. I’m assuming that you’re either talking about travertine tiles or a countertop that’s made of travertine… although there are many other products made of travertine as well.

Anyway… I find it odd that it is sticky. I hope it wasn’t sealed with a poly-based sealant such as the ones used for treating saltillo (a mexican clay tile). So, the first thing you need to do regardless is try and get it as clean as you possibly can. The best way to do this is to actually use a warm water and vinegar mix. I suggest in your case that you first try to use about 1 part warm water to 1 part vinegar (white vinegar only!). Believe it or not… vinegar is powerful and inexpensive and cleans like you wouldn’t believe!

Now, due to the fact that we’re dealing with travertine… don’t be afraid to use some elbow grease and some sort of soft brush; one that won’t scratch the travertine… but will still do a deep cleaning. What we’re trying to do is clean it as thoroughly as possible and perhaps remove the product that it was sealed with. If after attempting this step several times, you find that the travertine is still filthy and sticky, there is a product you can buy that I have seen clean the uncleanable. Literally!

This product is called GCRF (Grout and Concrete Film Remover). You can buy this at many high-end tile retailers and it’s available on their website as well (http://www.miraclesealants.com/c_gcfr.html). If it comes that you need to use this product, be sure and read the instructions thoroughly. It is a Hydrochloric Acid cleaning agent that you dilute with water. On ocassion, I have used it at a 1 part water, 1 part GCRF strength;which will clean anything such as oil off a driveway. Very powerful and not to be fooled around with. (note: if your travertine is polished… warm water and vinegar will work… this product is not meant for polished stone). Use gloves and make sure there is lots of ventilation when cleaning with GCRF. If this won’t do it, nothing will… period. After cleaning your travertine with this product, I suggest you clean it again several times with some warm water to ensure that you remove any remaining cleaner before resealing.

Alright… now that we’re looking as clean and fresh again as possible we want to properly seal it ourself. Becuase it’s already been cleaned… all the preperations have been completed to go ahead with sealing it. I suggest either 511 Impregnator or 511 Porous Plus, both also by Miracle Sealant Co. (http://www.miraclesealants.com/sealers.html). These are awesome products that do not change the appearance of your travertine and you can apply it directly using a large clean sponge or rag. Literally… pour the 511 Impregnator or Porous Plus (sealant) onto the sponge and apply an even layer all over the travertine. Just be careful not to get the sealant on glass or mirrored surfaces as it could give glass a greasy appearance. Now, it does have a light odor to it… so go ahead and open a window nearby… it’s not going to hurt you, I promise as I use this product all of the time.

Once this coating has dried… easily within an hour if not 10 minutes, go ahead and apply another 2 coats to make sure that you’ve applied some really good protectant. Once sealed, it is neccessary that you maintain the seal by reapplying sealant from time to time. If this is a high traffic floor, I suggest you apply a new coat of sealant about once every 3 months. for floors, I suggest that you always vacuum them before doing a mop, this way if you have forgotten to maintain the travertine, you’re not spreading a wet dirt all over your floor. Travertine and / or stone backsplashes should also be sealed again every three months and the Impregnator also works great for sealing polished stone surfaces.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be glad to help by answering any quesitons. One thing that I can’t stress enough is that unless you’re wealthy enough that you don’t do any of your cleaning anyway… don’t bother paying to have you’re travertine sealed by a pro… as it’s a maintenance matter and it is easier to do than cleaning… you just wipe in on and you’re done! If you are fortunate enough to have someone else in charge of your cleaning… this is something your maid or housekeeper can do for you as well.

I hope the info helps… let me know how it goes, please. Good luck!

Whats The Best Cleaning Product To Use For Tile Floors?
Our House Is Mainly Tile. I Have Been Using A Swiffer Wet Jet And Am Starting To Think That I Should Be Using Something More Effective. It Seems Like The Swiffer Just Pushes The Dust Or What Have You From What Place To Another. Any Suggestions?

Thank You

depends on the type of tile –
to clean grout only Greased Lightening and a grout brush
to clean my kitchen floors and two bathroom floors which are a ceramic tile – Pine Sol, or bleach water
to clean the master bath floors which are a natural porceline tile – I use warm water and a little soap (some chemicals can damage different tiles)

depending on the type of tile – will depend on the type of product. Vinegar is effective but it will hurt travertine, marble, granite, etc. Have to watch anything that is an acid on tile since it will cause etching – but again, it depends on they type of tile.

Make sure that your tile floors are sealed properly – most of the time, sealer lasts for about 5 years between applications. It keeps the tiles protected, water from getting under them and preserves them and the grout.

as for what to use – I generally use a mop – a terry cloth type moth for the kitchen, and a sponge mop for the two of the bathrooms, the other bathroom I usually do with a washcloth and scrub on my hands and knees due to the size, but I will do all my floors on occassion that way.

What Is The Absolute Best Tile To Use In A Shower?
Other Than Ceramic, Ceramic Is Soo Boring To Me, And I Was Interested In Slate Just For The Look, But Researched And Found The Maintance Too Much…Thanks

porcelain ceramic is the best way to go. it comes in many different styles and textures and colours these days. there is a porcelain tile that looks exactly like slate, granite, travertine,etc. the look is so close to the real stone, that you cant tell the difference.and the porcelain ,once installed, is maintenance free. plus its extremely durable, affordable, easy to install, lighter than real stone,easy to keep clean, and doesnt need any special sealers or conditioners.
I used a porcelain tile from home depot called "terra iron" to redo my bathroom and shower and everyone who sees it, loves it. they dont know its porcelain, it looks just like dark rusty slate.

Does Honed Travertine Have To Be Sealed Before Grouted?
We’re Redoing The Front Hallway/Powder Room.. Does It Matter If The Tile Is Sealed Before Or After It Is Grouted? Thanks!

YES and it should be sealed prior to setting it to prevent stains from thin set..I do all mine twice before setting it . Then I recommend sealing the grout twice 72 hrs after the tiles are all cleaned off.
I have used in the past a good penetrating sealer such as Tile Lab or Miracle 511, both will work fine. If you don t seal it, you run a high risk of staining the stone or not being able to get the grout off at all.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL

What Is The Best Way To Clean And Polish A Travertine Floor?

I use TileLab stone cleaner and polish for regular cleaning. You can buy it at the home improvement stores. I like it because it really does a great job and leaves a residue that helps resist staining. If you have a large area, it is more economical to purchase the gallon sized container. Then I apply it with a sponge mop and let it dry.

Are Travertine Countertops Good?
I Am Looking To Replace My Old Marble Counter Tops. They Are Starting To Crack, Mold, And Turn Yellow. I Was Just Wondering If Anyone Knows If Travertine Is A Good Choice And If They Are Durable. I Was Thinking If I Should Just Replace It With A New Marble Vanity. I Know Granite Is Too Expensive So That Really Isn’t An Option.

I Would Really Like Anyone’s Opinion. Thanks!

Yes they both answered somewhat correctly. Travertine is a sedimentary rock, while marble is a metamorphic rock, therefore most travertine will appear dull, a lot of pits and chips in the face and edge of the stone that you select, but stone companies can fill in these pits and chips with a colored epoxy that most stone installers will have with them on their truck. But in all fairness Granite isn’t that expensive, now I’m not sure where you live and what the market looks like for grasnite in your city but find a local stone company, take an afternoon and go see what they have; most companies will have what they call a ‘Boneyard’ which refers to the area of the shop with leftover slab remnants of stone that wasn’t used in somebody elses kitchen, these are all at deeply discounted prices.
But know this what stone you choose the high cost of it usually isn’t in the stone itself but the actual fabrication of the actual stone, say for example you have 10 linear feet of edge that needs tob polished it will bee the same price for marble, granite, travertine, zodiac, silestone, or anyother type that can be fabricated for your home. So don’t be quick to shoot down granite because of the rumor of ‘high prices’ remember that granite will look 1000 times better, just because of its unsurpassed beauty.
Good luck and I really hope that I’ve shed some light on your decision

Do You Like Travertine Or Marble For A Backsplash?
I’m Putting In A Kitchen Backsplash. What Do You Prefer…A Matte Beige Travertine Or A Polished Beige Marble?

I would go with the matte finish of the travertine, it gives a warm “Tuscan” like rustic feel and is accents decorative tile better. Besides, you will constantly be cleaning grease off that polished marble.

Would A Saltwater Pool Have Negative Consequences On A Travertine Pool Deck?
We Are Looking Into Converting Our Pool To A Saltwater System. However, We Have Beautiful Stonework Around The Pool Deck And I Would Hate For It To Become Corroded.

Yes, I Will Be Consulting Professionals, But Am Curious About Answers From Pool Owners On Here.

So if your question is strictly about the stone, yeah obviously the chemicals will wear on it a little over time, but the corrosion is more of a concern IN the pool itself than on the decking. Like tiles and coping (the capping on the shell of the pool) and then on all of your metal. Bluestone, flagstone, and even travertine shouldn’t be too affected by the salt and chemicals. Also, rainfall or lack thereof can influence natural wearing. If you live somewhere very dry (AZ, CA, etc.) you won’t have the rain naturally rinsing off your surfaces often and will need to take the time to “clean” your pool decking on a regular basis