Tips from the Pros: Choices to Restore Your Slate Floors

Orlando Stone Works has had many homeowners report that they don’t like their slate floors because they seem dirty all the time. Depending on your taste and lifestyle, slate floors can be rather difficult to maintain. You essentially have three choices for the finish you can select from.

The first choice is a natural penetrating sealer. For all practical choices, this will not alter the appearance of the slate whatsoever.

Second is an, enhancer. On most slate tiles, an enhancer will make the colors more vibrant. Very little sheen is achieved with an enhancer.

A third choice would be a topical sealer. With the topical sealer, you will get a glossy finish.

If you have an active lifestyle per-se, a topical sealer will prove to be much more maintenance than you may have bargained for.

slate floor before cleaningThe slate floor in these pictures reveal the restoration of a slate floor project we did. The slate floor required stripping to remove the topical sealer still on the floor. Then we cleaned it and allowed it to dry. Next, we sealed it with three generous coats of a high-grade topical sealer.

slate floor cleaned and restoredRemoving the topical sealer from all the clefts in a slate floor can be challenging. We educate our customers on the pros and cons of applying the topical sealer to their slate floor. Most would agree the slate floor does catch your attention.

Orlando Stone Works would enjoy being able to assist you in restoring your slate floors to a like new condition. One of our company representatives will be able to help educate you what will best serve your particular needs.  Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation or click here to request a quote.