Is Vinyl Flooring Better Than Tile?

IMG 1 TT HTAG 1 TTImagine you’re a lecturer in local schools that’s riddled with problems.HETAG 1 TT

Many of your students act out, against you and against each other. Some children don’t show up at all. Those who do try to apply themselves are struggling to focus and are falling behind.

All of these problems have solutions, RTAG 3 TT So what do you do? HTAG 2 TTOne surprising tool could solve a lot of students’ problems: a rinsing machine.HETAG 2 TT RTAG 4 TTA lack of clean clothes is one of the most common problems among households with kids who are struggling in school. RTAG 6 TT ” There are students that are being bullied because of the clothing that they’re dres, ” RTAG 8 TT Not having clean clothes confounds children in class — and it sometimes keeps them out of school exclusively. HTAG 3 TTAt this Nashville elementary school, the administration find a solution to the laundry problem.HETAG 3 TT RTAG 9 TT ” The Care Counts( tm) program installs washers and dryers in schools to improve attendance by dedicating children access to clean clothes, ” RTAG 10 TTWatch and see how kids’ lives are already improving thanks to their new laundry facilities 😛 TAGEND DTAG 6 TTDTAG 7 TTDTAG 8 TT
Whirlpool Care Counts RTAG 12 TT For many of the students, it’s changed everything. RTAG 13 TT” The students here, they have a confidence about themselves more than other students who maybe don’t have clean clothes, ” says Deering. A analyze of all schools who have the Care Counts( tm) laundry program showed that 90% of those individuals who make use of it improved their attendance. RTAG 18 TTTalking about that helps the children feel more comfy asking for help when they need it.” When they walk in the building and know that they’re 7 of 10, that there’s not a stigma attributed to that, ” Harris says. ” It’s love for one another and it’s a subsistence of each other and there’s less shame involved. ” RTAG 19 TTWith the washing machine in place, children will hopefully construct better relationships, do better in school, and be able to establish a foundation for a successful future. They’re free to stop worrying about their clothes and focus on what counts: being a kid.
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