DTAG 4 TTClone Troopers vs Storm Troopers As a science barge, Discovery is an interesting discrepancy from previous Star Trek crews. Academics like Stamets focus full-time on their specialty, whereas on the Shenzhou, Saru’s role was similar to Spock or Data: a department head and jack-of-all-trades advisor. Saru presumably has a specialty of his own, but he appears to be a more ambitious kind. On the Discovery, he now wears a gold-trimmed uniform as Lorca’s first officer. If Lorca has a lone tribble on his desk, and tribbles multiply by feeding … can we assume that Lorca is intentionally starving his pet tribble?

1. eobcemyeong 😀 STdaeseongtail baibeureisyeon siseutem tailsigong hyeobhoe Vibration System Tile Construction Association 2. yeonragceo: TEL 010 -3 800 -2 179 3. juyoeobmu: dayanghan tail.

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