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Every writer, whether they realize it or not, brings these experiences and biases into every narrative they render, regardless of whether they’re writing East Of Eden or The Berenstain Bears Get Ursine Diabetes .

HTAG 1 TT# 7. Harry Potter Is A Direct Result Of The Death Of J.K. Rowling’s MotherHETAG 1 TT IMG 1 TT RTAG 3 TT Harry Potter is easily the most beloved children’s franchise that opens with a double assassination and attempted infanticide. But J.K. Rowling didn’t make Harry an orphan because she had just watched a bunch of Disney movies — when she was 25, her mother died after years of suffering from multiple sclerosis. Her father is still around, but their already-difficult relationship became worse after her mom’s death, and they didn’t speak for years RTAG 4 TTIMG 2 TT . RTAG 5 TTTo wit, when Goblet Of Fire RTAG 7 TTIMG 3 TT Harry Potter And The Smiths Greatest Hits Album . RTAG 8 TTFurthermore, pretty much every plot point in Harry Potter ). Seriously, the dust jacket for the Harry Potter RTAG 9 TTNow, plainly, J.K. Rowling picked up the pieces of her life and went on to make all of the dollars in the known Universe. But she’s been candid about regretting not telling her mama about her early work on Harry Potter while, at the same hour, stating that had her mother survived, Harry Potter HTAG 2 TT# 6. Every Book Roald Dahl Wrote Is About His Own Tragic LifeHETAG 2 TT IMG 4 TT RTAG 10 TTRoald Dahl’s books are pretty strange. The title character from James And The Giant Peach ( James , not the peach) lives the perfect life until the age of 4, at which point his mothers are inexplicably feed by an escaped rhinoceros and he’s sent to live with an abusive aunt. The child in The Witches RTAG 11 TTIMG 5 TT “Me best is 75 meters.” RTAG 14 TTIMG 6 TT actually savor like the cold void of human despair.” RTAG 16 TTIMG 7 TT “You maintain giving me that stuff, I will be.” HTAG 3 TT# 5. The Wind In The Willows Is About The Author’s Spoiled, Suicidal SonHETAG 3 TT IMG 8 TT RTAG 18 TT The Wind In The Willows RTAG 19 TTIMG 9 TT It was like Redwall with handguns . RTAG 20 TTAt first, the origins of Wind In The Willows seem downright adorable. Kenneth Grahame had a son, Alastair, and the characters came out of bedtime narratives Grahame made up for him. He refined them over the years, even sending Alastair letters with the most recent tales when Grahame was away from home. It’s an incredibly charming piece of literary history, you stop reading right now RTAG 22 TTIMG 10 TT Look at this asshole. Did he genuinely need to blow money on that bandana ? RTAG 24 TTIMG 11 TT , Not-Dad . ” RTAG 25 TTAlastair eventually began to resent his father’s stories, and Grahame stopped signing his name to the letters he wrote to Alastair because “he could not find himself capable of affection to a complete stranger, ” according to his biographer. Although, continuing to write fanciful tales about stuffy British rodents was apparently something he could continue doing, and The Wind In The Willows RTAG 26 TTWell, uh, all the other Willows RTAG 27 TTIMG 12 TT His mustache likely caught on fire every time he tried to bridegroom it . HTAG 4 TT# 4. Charlotte’s Web Is Based on E.B. White’s Obsession With SpidersHETAG 4 TT IMG 13 TT RTAG 28 TT Charlotte’s Web RTAG 29 TTIMG 14 TT This was pre-Internet, though, so he had to draw his own hentai . RTAG 32 TTIMG 15 TT Roses are red
My legs number eightBTAG 2 TT If you’re reading this poemBTAG 3 TT It’s already too late
HTAG 5 TT# 3. Where The Wild Things Are Is About Maurice Sendak’s Frightening Home LifeHETAG 5 TT IMG 16 TT RTAG 33 TTIMG 17 TT RTAG 36 TTIMG 18 TT “The Wild Things are actually imaginary, like Santa Claus . … Why are you crying? ” HTAG 6 TT# 2. Winnie The Pooh Is Based On A Real BearHETAG 6 TT IMG 19 TT RTAG 37 TTAs we’ve previously discussed, Winnie The Pooh of its inventor, the real Christopher Robin, and the book’s illustrator, because that volume was apparently a goddamn pestilence. But did you know that the titular Winnie was a real bear? Well, guess what? He goddamned was RTAG 38 TTIMG 20 TT “CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! ” , as explained in an entry from Colebourn’s personal diary, which reads “Left Port Arthur 7 a. m. In train all day. Bought bear $20. ” RTAG 40 TTIMG 21 TT “Bear eat old lady limb. Lot of blood. Happens.” RTAG 43 TTIMG 22 TT She likely liked him more than the donkey he maintained trying to nail a fake tail to did . HTAG 7 TT# 1. Peter Pan Is Based On The Dead Brother J.M. Barrie Tried To ImpersonateHETAG 7 TT IMG 23 TT RTAG 45 TTThis might shock you, but there’s a disturbing backstory to the tale of a flying man-child who takes actual children on violent adventures. And that’s because Peter Pan RTAG 47 TTIMG 24 TT Clearly, shitty impressions are not the sole domain of bad ‘8 0s standup and Frank Caliendo .! Barrie didn’t eventually come up with the tale for Peter Pan until years later, when he was stuck in a loveless marriage with no children. So, he did what any lonely human would do — he befriended another family’s children and wrote Peter Pan RTAG 50 TTIMG 25 TT None of them were cool enough to inspire Rufio .Montenegro’s inauguration to Nato encounters obstacle as United States Senate session nears end
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