4 Secrets To Keeping Your Limestone Floors Beautiful

Almost without exception, when homeowners call us about their limestone floors being dirty we discover several key factors that have contributed to the problem.

The picture of this customer’s limestone floor is the result of another company who had just cleaned and sealed the limestone tile floor two weeks ago. Limestone not properly cleaned

As the picture reveals, the limestone still looks soiled and very unappealing. Ironically, this company had spent almost six hours in the customer’s home to achieve these dismal results, which only consisted of a master bath.


Obviously, while this company claims to be an expert at cleaning and sealing limestone tile floors, the results show otherwise. Unfortunately, cleaning by itself was not going to achieve the results this customer desired. This is a huge misconception by many homeowners. Because limestone is extremely porous when not properly sealed, it will soil rapidly and most often require some level of honing the limestone tile to restore it to a like new condition.

Our process involved, honing and cleaning the limestone tile floor and grout. Next, we applied a high quality Limestone honed, cleaned and sealedpenetrating sealer.

Its imperative that a high quality penetrating sealer be liberally applied on a honed limestone. We apply the penetrating sealer quite liberally on limestone so everyday traffic does not prematurely create these issues for customers.

In Summary the 4 Secrets to Keeping Your Limestone Floors Beautiful:

1) Keep the limestone sealed with a high quality penetrating sealer;
2) Keep your walkways free of debris so it is not tracked into your home;
3) Keep high quality doormats inside and outside each door in your home; and,
4) Depending on your lifestyle, have your limestone tile floors cleaned and/or honed every 12 to 18 months.

Ultimately, you need to decide if you want your limestone tile floors restored to a like new condition or possibly better than new. Whom should you trust with the process? Visit our website at http://orlandostoneworks.com or call us at (407) 258-1190.